"Transition to Duty"  is a true story detailing a combat medic's tour in Vietnam with Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles).  Author Leo Flory takes the reader on his personal journey from his small Michigan hometown to the rice paddies of the A Shau Valley in Vietnam and back.  His journeys chronicle the daily life of both himself and the gallant men of Company B,  2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry.
Leo (Doc) Flory
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To learn more about Company B, 2nd Bn 501st Infantry, visit their website at http://www.b2501airborne.com/

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   The correspondence that inspired and motivated "Doc" Flory to document his own experiences of the war, as well as those of the soldiers that served with him, can be found here in the preface.
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What readers are saying:

"I want to thank you not only for your service to this  Great Nation we live in but also for writing a very good story which gives a person a sense of what you had to live thru with your time in service. I bought your book at the Gun Show in Sault Ste. Marie, MI on Sat. April 6. I started reading your story and before the day was over I finished the book. It kept me captivated ..."  James,  E-Mail


      Great book, it brought back so many memories and it was like I was reliving my time in VN all over. Hmmmm, ok that may not be the best. Even at the end when you talked about home life I was able to relate with that as well. There have been a few guest book sign ins on the site that mentioned reading your book and how well they liked it. I also seen it advertised in  the Screaming Eagle store..........I hope you enjoy much success with this project, I feel like I have know you since we were young men, thanks for all you have done.

Welcome Home Brother................"  Dave, E-Mail

"Just finished your book! Thank you so very much for the wonderful stories, memories, and pain you let the world in on. I'm sure it was tough in some aspects to travel down some of those roads of memories. But I feel you know it's for the better, and books like these will help your generation, and mine. I have to admit that Chapter 23 your first 10 years was one of my favorite. A bit more personal I guess."  Paul, E-Mail

"I just read your book, and couldn't put it down! Nice job! I was a civilian contractor in Iraq for a number of years, and worked with the 1- 501st IN (ABN) for 5 of the 15 months when they were deployed to Iraq. A great bunch of guys... "
Hugh, Grand Rapids, MI

"I just finished Transition To Duty , reading well into the night.  You did a terrific job of putting me right on the ground with you…the fear and foreboding that had to be such a big part of everyone’s time in the field – not an easy task for a writer to convey.  Great Job!  I have to agree with Pierce Grany’s Forward – Bright Shining Lie tells part of the story, but one needs personal experiences like yours to complete the picture."   George, E-Mail